ZG Single Axis Tracker System-2P

ZG Single Axis Tracker System-2P

The structure of horizontal single axis tracking system 1P&2P is similar. Compared with 1P, 2P saves the investment, generates electricity more efficiently, and at the same time, the land utilization ratio is also greatly improved.

ZG Solar Single Axis Tracker

ZG Solar Single Axis Tracker Main Parts

ZG Solar Single Axis Tracker Features

ZG Solar Tracker Technical Parameters

Tracking Range 士 60°
Driving System Slew drive, 24VDC motor
Modules per Tracker Max.120 modules per tracker
System Voltage 1000 V or 1500 V
Ground Coverage Ratio ≥35%
Terrain Adaption Up to 20% N-S Slope, no limit of E-W slope
Structure Material Hot dipped galvanized/Pre-galvanized steel
Power Supply String powered or AC powered
Power Consumption 0.2-0.5KWh/day
Standard Design Wind Speed 18m/s
Module Supported All commercially available modules
Operation Temperature -40℃ - 60℃
Control Algorithm Astronomical algorithms + Tilt sensor
Tracking Accuracy ± 1°
String-Powered Yes
Backtracking Yes
Night Position Yes
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