Overview of solar power generation in Turkey

26 Jan , 2022

Turkey’s local News Agency reported on the 17th local time that Turkey’s renewable energy investment has grown rapidly in recent years, of which the installed solar power generation capacity has increased from 40 MW to 7,816 MW in eight years.


According to the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, in order to reduce external dependence on energy, reduce environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and develop renewable energy called “clean energy” to meet energy demand, Turkey has vigorously supported the development of solar energy in recent years. new energy power generation.


According to statistics, in 2014, the installed capacity of solar power generation in Turkey was only 40 MW. In 2017, solar power generation increased by 311% year-on-year, and the installed capacity reached 3,421 MW. In 2021, Turkey’s solar power generation will achieve 1,149 MW of installed capacity and be connected to the grid. At present, the total installed capacity of solar power in Turkey has reached 7,816 MW.


According to reports, Turkey’s natural conditions are suitable for the development of solar power generation. At present, Turkey’s solar power generation is mainly concentrated in the western Aegean region, as well as southern provinces such as Karaman, Antalya and Esparta, and solar power generation accounts for about 5% of Turkey’s total power generation.


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