Plastic bearings used in solar tracking system

01 Mar , 2024


The utilization of bearings in the photovoltaic sector is driven by the need to create a partially movable structure that enables solar panels to track the sun’s position and maximize solar energy capture throughout the day. The bearing assembly plays a crucial role in the tracker system. Not only does it facilitate the rotation of the torque tube for sun tracking, but it also ensures the secure attachment of the torque tube to the foundation piles, enabling it to withstand significant vertical, horizontal, and axial loads.

Without bearings, a single-axis tracker would be a fixed structure incapable of adjusting to the sun’s movement. A well-designed bearing system enables efficient tracking, minimizing energy losses caused by friction. It also facilitates faster assembly and helps mitigate the twisting forces generated during the installation of the foundation piles.

In summary, bearings are essential components in photovoltaic trackers as they enable solar panels to track the sun, optimize energy capture, and ensure structural stability under various loads


The selection of the appropriate plastic material for bearings is of utmost importance as it directly impacts their performance in terms of interactions, friction, and resistance to various loads. Solar Tracker nowadays usually employs different types of bearings based on the size of the torque tube. Good Future Solar uses two material combinations between the housing and sliding block parts:Aluminum Metal and POM Plastic.

Plastic and metal combination, while plastic make up the free lubrication part, the metal housing have a stronger support than plastic for the sphere slide block, which make it a better choice for combination solar bearings.

By utilizing plastic material in the bearing sphere, the necessity for lubrication is eliminated, resulting in a maintenance-free bearing solution. Moreover, the combination of plastic material and the spherical shape of the bearing imparts beneficial properties such as excellent resistance to sand and aging.

The design of the bearing sphere has been meticulously developed to optimize its geometry and make the most efficient use of plastic injection.

In summary, the proper selection of plastic material for bearings is crucial for their performance, and our bearing employs different material combinations based on torque tube sizes. The use of plastic in the bearing sphere eliminates the need for lubrication and maintenance, while the spherical shape provides desirable anti-sand and anti-aging properties. The bearing sphere’s design has been carefully crafted to optimize geometry and maximize the effectiveness of plastic injection.