Problems related to the cleaning of photovoltaic tracking brackets

12 Oct , 2021
The cleaning of the photovoltaic tracking bracket is a problem that many people will ignore. Many people do not realize the importance of regular cleaning of the photovoltaic tracking bracket to improve the efficiency of power generation, and some details that should be paid attention to when cleaning. Today, the photovoltaic tracking bracket company summarizes the related problems of cleaning the photovoltaic tracking bracket. The following are the precautions summarized by the author:
1. When cleaning the photovoltaic tracking bracket, generally choose to clean in the morning or late afternoon, so as to avoid personal injury and possible damage to the photovoltaic tracking bracket.
2. Before cleaning, check the monitoring records for abnormal power output records and analyze whether it is caused by leakage, and check whether the connecting wires and related components of the photovoltaic tracking bracket are damaged or stuck. Use a test pencil to test. It is convenient to eliminate potential leakage hazards and ensure personal safety.
3. It is forbidden to step on the photovoltaic tracking bracket.
4. It is strictly forbidden to clean in strong wind, heavy rain, thunderstorm or heavy snow. Washing should be avoided when cleaning in winter to prevent freezing due to low temperature, which may cause dirt accumulation.
5. When the relevant personnel are cleaning, it is forbidden to stand at a place less than 1 meter away from the roof to perform operations. Tools and debris are not allowed to be thrown down, and they are taken away after the cleaning is completed.
Reminder: If you don’t know the relevant safety cleaning knowledge, it is not recommended that users do the cleaning by themselves. Please contact the cleaning personnel of the photovoltaic tracking support to carry out the cleaning and maintenance work, so as to better ensure that the photovoltaic tracking support will not be damaged during the cleaning process.