Single – biaxial tracking support ground matrix considerations

08 Oct , 2021
In our opinion, the use of single-biaxial tracking bracket is to support solar photovoltaic equipment, but in fact, the use of single-biaxial tracking bracket is very many, especially in today’s society, which vigorously advocates energy conservation and environmental protection. First of all, when the single dual-axis tracking bracket is combined with the solar cell, it can bring us great energy efficiency, which means that the solar energy can be used more fully through them. At the same time, the solar photovoltaic power generation system uses solar cells, but also can directly convert the solar energy into electricity, to meet people’s power demand, in the laying process of the system battery module, in order to support and protect the system, need to have a stable and reliable support foundation.
The photovoltaic array of single-biaxis tracking bracket moves along two rotation axes and has two degrees of freedom of rotation. It can simultaneously track the changes of the sun’s azimuth and height Angle. Theoretically, it can completely track the sun’s trajectory to achieve zero incident Angle. The single-biaxial tracking bracket system will increase the solar radiation received by more than 35%, which can significantly improve the power generation efficiency of the photovoltaic system.
Now there are two ways to install the common single biaxial tracking support, one is the single biaxial tracking support of concrete foundation, the other is the single biaxial tracking support of pile foundation. The following is to introduce a single biaxial tracking support ground matrix for attention.
At present, some relatively large photovoltaic power stations mostly use the former one, for two reasons:
1. Some local geographical environment
2, cost control consideration. But in foreign countries more common is the pile foundation single – axis tracking support. Their consideration is mainly on the reuse of land, but the economic cost is relatively loose.
In terms of technology, two points should be paid attention to in the ground matrix of single and biaxial tracking support:
1, wind resistance to the requirements of support,
2. Distance between support matrix and support matrix. In order to ensure wind resistance, the support is mixed with aluminum alloy and steel structure, so as to ensure the wind resistance of the support, will not cause the hidden hidden dangers of the solar support fixed, but also to ensure the overall appearance of the support.