What are the advantages of solar photovoltaic power generation?

08 Nov , 2022

A solar photovoltaic power station is a power station that converts solar radiation energy into electrical energy through a square array of solar cells. Compared with other new power generation technologies, solar photovoltaic power generation is a renewable energy power generation technology with ideal characteristics of sustainable development. Its main advantages are as follows:


1. Solar energy resources are inexhaustible, and are not limited by factors such as region and altitude;

2. Solar energy resources are available everywhere, and can supply power nearby;

3. The energy conversion process of solar photovoltaic power generation is simple, and there is no mechanical wear;

4. Solar photovoltaic power generation itself does not use fuel;

5. The solar photovoltaic power generation process does not require cooling water, and can be installed in the desolate desert without water;

6. The solar photovoltaic power generation has no mechanical transmission parts, the operation and maintenance are simple, and the operation is stable and reliable;

7. The function of solar photovoltaic power generation remains stable and reliable;

8. The solar cell module is simple in structure, small in size and light in weight, which is convenient for transportation and installation.


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