What is the impact of the rapid development of photovoltaic tracking bracket on electricity costs?

14 Apr , 2022

Photovoltaic brackets can be mainly divided into photovoltaic fixed brackets and photovoltaic tracking brackets. Photovoltaic fixed brackets mainly include the best tilt angle fixed type and fixed adjustable type. Photovoltaic tracking brackets mainly include flat single-axis, oblique single-axis and dual-axis brackets, which can make photovoltaic modules follow the sun’s position throughout the day, reduce the incident angle of sunlight, and increase the solar energy absorption rate of photovoltaic modules.


Although the use of photovoltaic tracking bracket will increase the initial investment and operation and maintenance costs, but because of the obvious power generation gain, it can achieve a lower cost of electricity.According to statistics, in the first half of 2021, the global average cost per kilowatt-hour of a photovoltaic power plant project using a photovoltaic tracking bracket system is about 38 US dollars/MWh, which is significantly lower than that of a photovoltaic fixed bracket project.


Among the photovoltaic tracking brackets, the single-axis tracking photovoltaic bracket has been widely used because of its high cost performance.Generally, it can increase the power generation capacity of photovoltaic power stations by 15%-20%. In some low latitude areas with abundant sunlight resources, it can even bring more than 20% increase in power generation capacity.


In general, the cost per kilowatt hour of photovoltaic tracking bracket is obviously lower than that of photovoltaic fixed bracket in photovoltaic system. Please Contact us in freely time for any Solar problems!