France plans to increase installed solar power capacity by 10 times by 2050

01 Jul , 2022

According to reports, the French government recently reaffirmed the government’s energy transition plan, saying it will continue to promote the development of renewable energy to combat climate change and the energy crisis and ensure carbon neutrality by 2050. The analysis pointed out that in the context of rising electricity market prices, vigorously developing renewable energy will help France achieve energy transition.


According to the energy transition plan, France will increase the installed capacity of solar power generation by 10 times to more than 100 GW by 2050; by 2050, build 50 offshore wind farms to reach the production capacity target of 40 GW, and increase the onshore wind power capacity doubled. According to the plan of the French government, renewable energy in France will account for 32% of the final energy consumption by 2030.