Integrated application of photovoltaic power generation

27 Jul , 2022

According to reports: Chinese PV market to grow again in 2021, and the annual installed capacity and cumulative installed capacity are the first in the world. The photovoltaic industry has become a model of high-quality development in China and a strategic emerging industry.


With the gradual advancement of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” in all walks of life, relevant departments have successively issued policies to promote the integrated application of photovoltaic power generation. “Photovoltaic +” is quietly changing our lives, and the era of “green electricity” has gradually come.


It is estimated that from 2022 to 2025, the average annual installed capacity of photovoltaics in my country will reach 83-99GW.


Photovoltaic + agriculture and rural areas

“Photovoltaic + agricultural and rural areas” can not only reduce agricultural energy consumption, protect the ecological environment, improve land utilization, but also promote farmers’ income and prosperity, which is an important starting point for the country to practice rural revitalization.


Photovoltaic + Industry

For industrial and commercial enterprises, power shortages and rising electricity prices have led to a significant increase in operating costs, and the installation of photovoltaic power stations has become the preferred choice for energy conservation and emission reduction; On the other hand, a series of regulations formulated and issued by the national and local governments allow industrial and commercial photovoltaic to enjoy policy dividends again. Industrial and commercial roof photovoltaic projects are in full swing in China. With the trend of dual control of energy consumption becoming the new normal, more and more industrial plants, especially high-energy enterprises, choose to build industrial and commercial photovoltaic power stations.


Photovoltaic + Architecture

In the field of photovoltaic buildings, photovoltaic building systems such as photovoltaic carports, BIPV systems, and BAPV systems have truly realized the perfect integration of roofing functional requirements and photovoltaic power generation.


Photovoltaic buildings are buildings with photovoltaic power generation systems installed, which can achieve triple benefits of “aesthetics + energy saving + productivity”. From the perspective of application technology, they are mainly divided into building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) and building-attached photovoltaic (BAPV). Our photovoltaic building solutions, through advanced structure and material design, ensure the strength and stability of the system, and can withstand super typhoons and heavy snow; at the same time, we strictly follow the relevant standards and requirements of the construction industry to ensure that the products meet building safety, fire protection and other performance requirements.


Photovoltaic carport is the smallest combination of photovoltaic buildings, which can not only shield the vehicle from wind and rain, but also use solar energy to create clean photovoltaic energy for electric vehicle charging, lighting and integration into the power grid.


Photovoltaic + Transportation

Transportation is an industry with a high proportion of traditional oil consumption. Under the background of carbon neutrality, the exploration and practice of renewable energy in the transportation field has become an important part of green transportation.


Household photovoltaic

Recently, relevant departments have pointed out that it is necessary to promote clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient use of energy, guide the consumption of non-fossil energy and the development of distributed energy, and promote rooftop distributed photovoltaic power generation in qualified areas.


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